I approached Kitchen & Bath Studio because we were looking to have our kitchen updated by specialists in the industry.

Kitchen & Bath Studio helped by providing the blueprint for the remodel, as well as supplying everything required from A to Z under one roof.

The result was a professional remodel, done quickly, expertly and according to budget.

One thing I liked was their staff, from the designer Katariina, who was a pleasure to deal with throughout, to their magician tradesman, Dan capable of producing miracles.  There were a couple of issues along the way, as is common with remodels, but Katariina handled the situations to our satisfaction.

I found the experience positive, and contacted her for our bathroom remodel as well.  We were elated to discover the same expert tradesman arrive at our door to do the job.

I would recommend Kitchen & Bath Studio to people seeking reliable and dependable specialists for their kitchen and/or bathroom needs.